Welcome to Random Head Trips! The site is (obviously) still under construction, but over the next couple of weeks, I will complete themes to make this site look and perform better than ever, and open up user registration.

If you are a fan of my religious, political, or inflective pieces, or want to read a review of the latest tech, gun, movie, book, game, or outdoors gear that I’ve gotten my hands on, please check back here in a week or two!

If the content described above doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, please check out hereticsscribe.com, where I’ve pllaced the short stories, poetry, non fiction articles, discussions on the craft of writing, and articles I’ve written as a freelance author

If you’re looking for the Heretic’s Quest novels and associated web conntent, I’ve moved it to its own dedicated site at hereticsquest.com. It’s also under construction, but will also soon be up and running.

All of the sites look awful right now, and I’m crunched for time and behind schedule, but really awesome things are coming. Please don’t forget about me, and check back here in a couple of weeks.


Shannon Thomas